Plans for Next Year's Christmas Trip Also Made at Meeting--Dean Nichols to Speak Tomorrow

The announcements of the election of 12 new members to the University Instrumental Clubs and of the plans for next year's Christmas trip were made last night by W.F. Mann '30 and H.DeW. Wood '30, treasurer and manager of the organization respectively.

The newly elected members are as follows: N.F. Bacon Jr. '32, Eustace Dearborn '32, J.B. Howes '32, G.W. Lewis '32, R.S. Watson '32, R.R. White '32, T.C.T. Buckley '32, R.B. Harrison '32, W.S. Warner '32, J.S. Jones '31, G.B. Harper '30 and W.McK. Dunn '30.

The 1929 Christmas trip, which will last from December 26 to January 2 inclusive will cover an itinerary from Kentucky to New York. Beginning December 26, concerts will be given in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Charleston, Washington, Wilmington, New York and Philadelphia on successive days.

The last meeting of elected members will be held at the Phillips Brooks House tomorrow evening at 7.15 o'clock. W.I. Nichols '26, Assistant Dean in charge of Freshmen, M.W. Ware '02, and H.W. Ogden, well-known Boston attorney will be the speakers at the meeting.