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Grand slams in the 440 and 880 yard runs and eight points in the high hurdles, the pole vault and the shot put, along with 11 first places netted the Freshman track team a victory over Exeter at Exeter, 88 1-2 to 39 1-2.

E. E. Record '32 won both hurdles in remarkable times. He covered the highs in 15 1-5 seconds and the lows: in 24, bettering G. A. Tupper '29's time in the latter event by 1 2-5 seconds. G. W. Kuehn '32 was another double winner, with victories in the high jump and the shot put to his credit.

Hallowell Sets Record

N. P. Hallowell '32 clipped 2 2-5 seconds from the mark set by Ripley of Dartmouth in the Stadium for the half mile. Hallowell's time was 1 minute, 56 4-5 seconds for the fastest 880 ever run at Exeter.

100-yard dash--Won by J. B. Hawes '32; second, Kollmyer (E); third, Pike (E), Time--9 9-10 sec.

220-yard dash--Won by Kollmyer (E); second, A. I. Mitchell '32; third, Blackman (E). Time--21 4-5 sec.

440-yard dash--Won by J. O. Niles '32; second, G. G. Kirstein '32; third, R. W. Walker '32. Time--52 1-2 sec.

880-yard run--Won by N. P. Hallowell '32, second, N. F. Bacon, Jr. '32; third A. C. Forbes '32. Time--1 min., 56 4-5 sec.

One-mile run--Won by J. A. Barry, Jr. '32; second, Binthron (E); third, B. E. Estes '32. Time--4 min., 36 sec.

120-yard high hurdles--Won by E. E. Record '32; second, E. B. Cole '32; third, Kribbs (E). Time--15 1-5 sec.

220-yard low hurdles--Won by Record; second, Kahn (E); third, Cole. Time-24 sec.

High jump-Won by G. W. Kuehn '32, 5 ft. i in.; second, tie between D. A. Herman '32 and Blackman (E) 5 ft. 5 1-2 in.

Broad jump--Won by N. P. Beveridge '32, 20 ft. 4 in.; second, tie between Alvah Crocker '32 and Pike (E), 19 ft. 11 in.

Pole vault--Won by Oscar Sutermeister '32, 11 ft.; second, E. H. Woodberry '32, 10 ft. 4 in.; third tie between Woodbusy (E) and Baxter (E). 10 ft.

Shot put--Won by Kuehn, 50 ft. 2 1-2 in.; second, C--D. Draper '32, 46 ft. 8 in.; third, Byron (E), 45 ft. 2 in.

Javelin throw--Won by Goodell (E), 163 ft. 7 in.; second, Forbes, 158 ft. 3 in.; third, J. S. Marsh '32, 157 ft. 1 in.

Discus throw--Won by G. G. Matlock '32, 118 ft. 5 in.; second, Johnson (E), 112 ft. 4 in.; third, Bauer (E), 104 ft. 1 in.

Hammer throw--Won by Burgeols (E) 142 ft. 8 in.; second, Reed (E), 140 ft. 1 in.; third, Johnson (E), 125 ft. 9 in.

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