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A day of upsets, with Dartmouth undertaking a surprising power-in the distance runs, and the Crimson coming back in the field events and dashes when its chances seemed most slim resulted in a victory for Coach Farrell's men by a scant seven point margin. At the same time Yale humbled Princeton easily to the tune of 80-49, and the times and distance of the Blue-Tiger meet bode ill for the Crimson at their meeting in New Haven next week.

Mason Saves Day

Almost every event brought to light an unexpected point winner, a man who either bettered his previous best record or fell far behind it to the disappointment of his supporters. Nowhere was this more evident than in the dash events, where T. F. Mason '30 proved himself the hero of the afternoon. Having won the century in 10 flat over Stevens of Dartmouth, he found himself in the deciding furlong race the only Crimson survivor of the trial heats, pitted against five Hanover entries of whom three had been credited with faster times than himself. He needed a second to win the meet for Harvard and he won a first, again over Stevens, in the time of 23 1-5 seconds, excellent considering the windy conditions of the race.

Reid is Double Winner

J. L. Reid '29 was another double winner taking first in the mile and in the two mile. The canny Harvard leader try to pull J. O. Wildes '29 and Leslie Flaksman '29 over the finish line behind him in the two events respectively, and, failing in this, was extended to finish ahead of Rick in the mile and Butterworth in the two mile, a pair of Green dark horses who fooled the experts by their running.

But it was in the broad jump, the hammer, and the javelin that the Crimson picked up most of its unexpected points. In the running leap Canby and Donner of Dartmouth were supposed to finish in that order, but W. C. Rowe 81 surpassed his previous mark with 22 feet 9 1-8 inches and an inch advantage gave A. E. French '29 a second over Canby.

Two Records Fall

Two dual records were broken in Saturday's games, both in the field events. P. N. Vonckx '31 threw the hammer almost 10 feet further than the previous mark while Pierce of Dartmouth jumped 6 feet 1 inch t add an inch and a half to the dual record. In the latter event P. S. Brown '30 crashed through to second place with a leap of 5 feet 11 inches, higher by an inch than the jump of famed Tom Maynard of Dartmouth.

Other surprises might be mentioned. For example on the cinders R. H. O'Connell '30 nosed out Marsters for second in the low hurdles, while G. W. Smith '29 came from sixth to third in the one mile run. On the field T. H. Alcock '29 achived second in the hammer throw while T. G. Moore '29 and V. M. Harding '31 ran away with the javelin event.

Yet the Crimson triumph must be dimmed by the record of Yale's performances against Princeton Har- vard supporters may well worry at Engle's mark of 21 7-10 seconds in this furlong, Kieselhort's 23 8-5 in the lows, Conner's 165 feet 2 1-2 inches in the hammer, Brandenburg's 135, 7 1-4 in the discus, and Gorman of Yale's 44 feet 5 1-2 inches in the 16-pound shot. It looks as if the Blue will have at least a safer advantage when it plays host to the Crimson at New Haven.

The summary:

100-year dash--First three men in each heat qualified. First heat--won by Stevens (D); second, A. E. French '29; third, G. A. Tupper '29. Time--10 3-5 sec. Second heat--won by T. F. Mason '30; second, A. L. Watkins '31; third, Thorn (D). Time--10 3-b sec. Final--won by Mason; second Stevens; third, Watkins. Time--10 sec.

220-yard dash--First three men in each heat qualified. First heat--won by T. F. Mason '30; second, Goldsmith (D); third, Swope (D). Time--23 4-5 sec. Second heat--won by Pratt (D); second, Stevens; (D); third, Thorn (D). Time--23 2-5 sec. Final--won by Mason; second Stevens third, Goldsmith. Time--23 1-5 sec.

440-yard dash--Won by Swope (D); second, Pratt (D); third, F. E. Cummings '30. Time--50 4-5 sec.

880-yard run--Won by Ripley (D); second R. P. Porter '29; third, Andrews (D). Time--50 4-5 sec.

One-mile run--Won by J. L. Reid '29 second, Rick (D); third, G. W. Smith '29. Time--4 min., 31 1-5 sec.

Two-mile run--Won by J. L. Reid '29; second, Butterworth (D); third Leslie, Flaksman '29. Time--10 min.

120-yard high hurdles--First two men in each heat qualified. First heat--won by Gallagher (D); second Putnam (D). Time--18 4-5 sec. Second heat--won by F. J. Mardulier '30; second, Alcorn (D). Time--16 3-5 sec. Final--won by Putnam; second, Alcorn; third, Mardulier. Time--15 4-5 sec.

220-yard low hurdles--First two men in each heat qualified. First heat--won by R. H. O'Connell '30; second, Minehan (D), Time-26 sec. Second heat--won by G. A. Tupper '29; second, Marsters (D). Time--25 4-5 sec. Final--won by Tupper second, O'Connell; third, Marsters Time--25 2-5 sec

High jump--Won by Pierce (D), 6 ft., 1 in. (New dual meet record); second, P. S. Brown '30, 5 ft. 11 in; third, T. Maynard (D), 5 ft. 10 in.

Broad jump--Won by W. C. Rowe. '31, 22 ft. 9 1-8 in.; second, A. E. French '29, 22 ft. 8 in; third, Canby (D), 22 ft. 7 in.

Pole vault--Tie between W. H. Cleaver '29 and C. E. Dunlap '30, 12 ft.; third, Noyes (D), 11 ft. 6 in.

Shot put--Won by Bromberg (D), 42 ft. 10 7-8 in.; second, R. T. Maynard (D), 40 ft. 11 3-8 in.; third, Mayher (D), 39 ft. 8 3-8 in.

Javelin throw--Won by T. G. Moore '29, 187 ft. 10 in.; second, V.M. Harding '31, 187 ft., third, Lee (D), 180 ft. 11 in.

Discus throw--Won by Tyler (D), 132ft. 4 in.; second, Rich (D), 125 ft. 1-2 in.; third, R. T. Maynard (D), 123 ft. 9 in.

Hammer throw--Won by P. N. VonoRx '31, 157 ft. 4 1-2 in. (New dual meet record) second T. H. Alcock '29, 133 ft. 9 in.; third, Crosier (D), 129 ft. 9 in

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