Martin, Smith, Ring are Former College Luminaries -- Freshmen Have Record, Hallowell

This afternoon at 4 o'clock the annual University Handicap Track Meet will get under way at Soldiers Field with the trials in the hurdles and dash events, while tomorrow at the same time the finals and 11 other events as well will be contested. The Handicap meet affords an opportunity for former college athletes in the graduate schools, for Freshmen, and for men on probation or otherwise prevented from intercollegiate competition to stack up against Coach Farrell's present crop of stars, while men of non-squad calibre are aided by liberal handicaps to compete with more experienced athletes.

Fourteen prizes in as many events have been put up by various Harvard alumni, the discus throw being the only event on the program for which there is no special award for the victor. Each year the name of the victor is inscribed upon the cup for his event, and this year as a new departure, the winner will also receive a picture of the cup. Medals are awarded for second and third places in each event.

1928 Winners May Repeat


Three law school men, winners of events last year, will be able to compete again. S. H. Martin 21, former Dartmouth and B. A. A. middle distance star, running from scratch walked off with the half mile in 1 minute 56 4-5 seconds, while M. L. Smith 21, a Yale graduate, had a 25 yard handicap over Captain J. L. Reid '29 in the two mile run and beat him to the tape in 9 minutes 29 3-5 seconds. C. E. Ring 3L, of the University of Maine, won the 120 yard high hurdles from scratch and should give F. J. Mardulier '30 keen competition in the race.

E. E. Record '32 has been hurdling excellently all spring and will have a chance to show what he can do against Ring and Mardulier in the highs and G. A. Tupper '29 in the low hurdles. N. P. Hallowell '32 is a yearling star who should extend Martin and R. G. Gould '30, last year's 440 winner, in the mid- die distance runs, while R. P. Porter '29 and David Cobb '31 will have another opportunity to fight it out in the half mile. J. W. Crickard '31 is a Freshman comer in the dash events. T. F. Mason '30, last year's 220 winner, should have no trouble in walking away with the event again if one can judge from his showing in the triangular meet, while the century will provide an opportunity for A. E. French '29 to show if he is up to his last year's standard.


The events to be contested follow:

Wells Mile Run--Cup presented by Frank Wells '64. 1928 winner R. C. Aldrich '31. Harvard record: 4m: 19 4-5 s. by J. W. Burke '24.

Wells 440-Yard Run--Cup presented by S. Gannet Wells '86. 1928 winner, R. G. Gould '30. Harvard record: 48s. by Westmore Fillcox '17.

Krogness 120-Yard Hurdles--Cup presented by C. G. Krogness '21. 1928 winner, C. E. Ring 3L. Harvard record; 15 3-5s. by Carl Hauers '23.

Mansfield 100-Yard Dash--Cup presented by W. R. Mansfield '97. 1928 winner, A. E. French '29. Harvard record: 9 4-5s, by W. A. Schick '05; E. Teschner '17; A. H. Miller '27.

Jaques 2-Mile Run--Cup presented by Herbert Jaques '11. 1928 winner, M. L. Smith, Law School. Harvard record: 9m. 25 2-5s. by Paul Withington '12.

Hollister 880-Yard Run--Cup presented by Evan Hollister '97. 1928 winner, S. H. Martin 2L. Harvard record: 1m. 54 2-5s. by Evan Hollister '97; W. J. Bingham '16.

Garcelon 220-Yard Hurdles--Cup presented by W. F. Garcelon '95. 1928 winner, G. A. Tupper '29. Harvard record: 23 4-5s. by J. G. Willis '02.

Dodge 220-Yard Dash--Cup presented by Laurence P. Dodge '08. 1928 winner T. F. Mason '30. Harvard record: 21 2-5s. by R. C. Foster '11; W. A. Barron '14.

Fearing Running High Jump--Cup presented by George Fearing '93. 1928 winner, P. S. Brown '30. Harvard record: 6 ft. 2 1-4 in. by George Fearing '93.