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(Ed. Note--The Crimson does not necessarily endorse opinions expressed in printed communications. No attention will be paid to anonymous letters and only under special conditions, at the request of the writer, will names be with-field.)

Editor of the CRIMSON:

So that the Editor may feel that he has at least one supporter (humble the he may be), in his stand with his "back against the wall," may I venture a word.?

When the recent editorial on the Sargent Murals appeared, I became really enthusiastic. I felt that it was about as bold a support of real truth and justice as has appeared in the CRIMSON for some time.

That the murals are down-right had art and in very poor taste, I do not think there is much doubt. The artists I know of (I am the son of one of the species, and live in the atmosphere) don't even take such work seriously; they look at it, I should say as simply Babbit stuff (which, unfortunately at times will get into institutions of higher learning).

It is obvious, moreover, that the murals do perpetuate the feeling aroused in the heat of the fast war, and I should think that it would be a very high consideration for those fortunate people who are supposed to hold aloof from the worst phases of mob passion, to do everything possible to banish every trace of such an attitude in the interest of the future of mankind.

I trust that the Editor will continue to maintain the latest high standard in his fight for truth and that he will refuse to be bull-dozed by those insidious "interests".

(Name withheld by request.)

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