Weist and Simpson to Play Title Parts as Twin Brothers--Hyde, Shuman, Have Feminine Roles

As a result of trials for parts in the Latin play, the "Menaechmi" of Plautus, which the Harvard Classical Club is to present next winter, the directors of the production, Professors E. K. Rand '94 and F. C. Packard '20 and Mason Hammond '25, have announced a tentative cast.

Menaechmus of Epidamnus will be played by E. C. Weist '30. Friench Simpson '32 will take the part of his twin brother. Menaechmus of Syracuse, with whom he is confused during most of the play. R. S. Shuman '31 will be the wife of the first Menaechmus, with M. W. Mansur '30 as her father. Messenio, the slave of Menaechmus of Syracuse, will be played by W. W. Wing '31.

Carleton Green '30 will play the part of the parasite. The part of Erotium, the girl whom Menaechmus prefers to his wife, will be taken by R. W. Hyde '30. Her establishment consists of a cook, F. M. Chambers '30. and a maid, Matthew Hale, Jr. '32. H. C. Friend '31 will play the doctor, who is summoned to treat the supposedly mad Menaechmus.

The play committee of the Classical Club consists of the following: C. F. Stanton '03. A. H. Chase '27, T. D. Petrella '29. Mansur, W. S. Herr '30. Hyde, and D. F. Margolies '31.