University Squad Ready for First Hard Playing of Season Tomorrow Morning

Coach Horween sent his football charges through a few minutes of light scrimmage in yesterday afternoon's practice session on Soldiers Field. The four teams which compose the first University squad lined up against each other and ran through about a half dozen plays with no casualties or bruises resulting.

This is taken as an indication that Horween and his assistants consider the condition of the players to be very good for the amount of work they have had. After another day of conditioning work today the first squad will probably get its first real hard playing when it faces the seconds in scrimmage Saturday morning. The practices have been remarkable for the subordination of the individual player to the general teamwork so far, and this will probably continue to be the case at least until Saturday's scrimmage.

The lineups of the four teams were as follows: Team A--R. H. O'Connell '30 and J. G. Douglas, Jr. '30, ends; J. E. Barrett '30 and F. S. Davis '30, tackles; W. D. Ticknor, Jr. '31 and J. N. Trainer '31, guards; Benjamin Ticknor '31, center; E. T. Putnam, Jr. '30, quarterback; S. L. Batchelder '31, A. W. Huguley, Jr. '31 and W. R. Harper '30, backs.

Team B--S. C. Burns Oce and J. B. Baldwin '31, ends; D. L. Waterman '30 and H. L. Levin '30, tackles; R. M. Faxon '32 and H. M. Myerson '32, guards; J. H. Gildea '31, center; W. B. Wood '32, quarterback; E. A. Mays, Jr. '32, T. F. Mason '30, and A. L. Devens, Jr. '30, backs.

Team C--L. C. Briggs '32 and V. M. Harding '31, ends; T. G. Upton '31 and V. M. Harding '31, ends: T. G. Upton '31 and H. L. Movius, Jr., '30, tackles; W. K. Ginman '32 and G. M. Kuehn '32, guards; C. F. Richards '31, center; W. T. Wetmore '30, quarterback; J. W. Potter '30, B. D. White '32, and Charles Devens '32, backs.

Team D--R. S. Ogden '31 and Vahan Moushegian '32, ends; Nathaniel Warner '30 and G. L. Lewis, Jr. '30, tackles; J. R. Truden '31 and C. D. Newhart '31, guards; C. C. Cunningham '32, center; R. F. Gleason '32, quarterback; D. McL Greeley '31, P. A. Fullam '32, and Coach E. L. Casey '19, who filled in, all played in the backfield.