Department Heads Then Will Explain Different Phases of Work--Juniors and Sophomores Called

Four competitions for the CRIMSON will start tonight with a meeting in the President's office of the CRIMSON Building, 14 Plympton Street.

President Bernard Barnes '30 will address the assembled candidates, outlining the general nature of work on the CRIMSON, and then will turn them over to the respective department heads for more detailed explanation of the four competitions.

The News board candidates will be shown the presses and the newsroom and given a survey of their duties by Managing Editor C. M. Underhill '30. He will explain the CRIMSON's system of newsgathering and give the candidates their first assignments to stories.

R. E. Barrett '30, Business Manager, will illustrate the mechanics of advertising to the candidates for the Business Board. The Business candidates have the opportunity of becoming acquainted with advertising and business methods, handling the affairs and writing advertising copy for the paper.

Photograph candidates will be shown through the dark-room and given cameras by E. P. Gunn '30, chairman of that department. The Photograph Board has charge of the bi-weekly Pictorial as well as the pictures that appear in the news columns.

The editorial men have has opportunity of expressing their opinions on current events and academic matters. They will write on the average of one editorial a day. Editorial Chairman R. S. Morison '30 will explain their duties to them.

Sophomores are eligible for the News, Business, and Photographic Boards, while Juniors will have the chance to compete for the Editorial Board. This is not, as previously announced, the final competition for 1931, as the members of this class will have the privilege of entering another editorial competition in December and January.

Attendance at the meeting tonight implies no obligation whatever to compete for the CRIMSON.