Stubbs and Putnam to Flank Garrison at Center--Crosby Joins Cunningham at Defense

HARVARD  UNIVERSITY CLUB Putnam, l.w.  r.w., Curtis Garrison, c.  c., Chase Stubbs, r.w.  l.w., Hilliard Cunningham, l.d.  r.d., A. S. Bigelow Crosby, r.d.  l.d., H. W. Bigelow Ellis, g.  g., Learned or Newell

After, meeting and defeating two teams of lower calibre in their last two starts Coach Stubbs' crimson-jerseyed skaters will come up against stiff opposition again tonight when they clash with the strong University Club sextet at 8.30 o'clock at the Garden. The game is the second in the series with the Clubmen. Harvard having taken the first encounter, 4 to 3, in an overtime game.

With the return of F. R. Stubbs, Sophomore wing who was injured in the second Toronto game, to the lineup Harvard's starting sextet will be changed again. Stubbs, back at his old post at right wing, and Putnam will flank Garrison, at center. Cunningham will be at one of the defense posts again but will have a new partner in Crosby, who has gained the other job because of his fine work against Michigan Tech. Crosby is a converted wing and played defense for the first time against M. I. T. in the game a week ago tonight.

Second Lineup Changed

With the shake-up in the starting lineup the second front line has also undergone some change. Lakin and Cross will be at the wings and Wood at center. Since the 12-player rule is waived for tonight's game Coach Stubbs will use a third forward line composed of Everett, Holbrook, and Harding with Holbrook at center. Batchelder, absent in the Michigan Tech game, has not yet returned to the lineup because of illness.

The Clubmen have had a fairly successful season so far against some of the best amateur teams in New England. In their last two contests they broke even with the Beavers from St. Johns, New Brunswick. The game tonight will be pretty much of a Harvard affair with the possibility that a quartet of former Crimson stars will be in the starting University Club lineup.