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With two players in the penalty box Harvard's hockey forces weathered the fierce closing drive of the University Club sextet and captured a 2 to 1 victory over the former college stars in the Boston Garden last night. Brilliant as well as drab brands of play were exhibited as the Crimson skaters chalked up their second win over the Clubmen and their fifth of the season.

The second period was but three minutes old when Garrison slammed the puck past Learnard for the initial score of the evening. Some twelve minutes later Stubbs, after skating down the right side of the rink, let fly a terrific shot from a little past center ice that sizzled by the University Club goalie before he even saw it coming. The shot provided the margin of victory for Harvard for in the opening minutes of the final stanza Chase scored for the Red and Blue and cut the Crimson advantage to one goal.

Harvard's defensive play showed a marked improvement over that displayed in any game so far this season and at times the Crimson rose to new heights in checking their opponents. Ellis was in the net the entire game and justified his position there by playing the steadiest game he has played all year. His saves during the closing minutes of both the second and third periods especially bordered on the sensational.

The opening period didn't produce any scoring but both sides had several good tries at drawing first blood. Both defensive lines were too strong however to give either of the teams a really good chance to concentrate their offensive. The Bigelow twins had the Harvard forwards baffled most of the time and Learnard had a comparatively easy 20 minutes in the visitor's goal. Harvard, too, presented a strong defense and the Clubmen's famed forward line of Chase. Hilliard and Curtis had a hard time trying to break through. Several long shots by Stubbs and Cunningham provided the only scares the Crimson threw into the former University stars while H. Bigelow's lone sally through the Harvard sextet was the Clubmen's only threat.

The second stanza was little more than three minutes old when Garrison chalked up a score for Harvard. Putnam's shot had drawn Learnard out of the goal and then with the cage wide open Garrison skated down and dumped the puck in. With a one goal lead Harvard was content to protect its slim advantage but soon had two of its men occupying the penalty box. With only Stubbs, Crosby, and Cunningham on the ice the former college stars tried hard to score but their shots in most instances were wild.

Its full team back on the ice again Harvard turned to the offensive and for the ensuing ten minutes gave Learnard a stiff workout. The siege on the University Club net culminated with Stubbs' tornado-like shot that later proved to be the deciding goal of the game. Before the period was over Harvard once again had only three men on the ice. This time it was Garrison, Putnam, and Crosby. But this trio staved off the four man offensive that the Clubmen sent down the ice. Harvard ended the period with only four men on the rink.

In the third stanza Captain Chase, of the Clubmen, former Harvard leader, put his team in the running again when he picked up his own rebound and sent it past Ellis when Putnam, skating leisurely around, failed to check. This shot added the necessary spark to the battle and from then on until the end the game was replete with thrills and spills. Harvard clung tenaciously to its slim lead fighting to hold back the sallies of Hunt, Chase, and Hilliard.

The closing minutes had the crowd on its feet cheering wildly. For the third time during the game the Crimson had only three men on the rink. Chase led his team in a five man sally toward the Crimson net that had the trio of Harvard stars frantic. Ellis came to the rescue with several sensational saves, one of them causing a general pileup in front of the cage. The bell rang, however, before any damage had been done.

The summary:

HARVARD  UNIVERSITY CLUBPutnam, Cross, Everett, l.w.  r.w., Curtis, Hodder, Martin, Fitzgerald Garrison, Wood, c.  c., Chase, BlaneyStubbs, Lakin, r.w.  l.w., Hilliard, Hunt, Summers, Hutchinson Harding, Crosby, I.d.  r.d., H. Bigelow, FitzgeraldCunningham, r.d.  I.d., A. Bigelow, ClarkEllis, g.  g., Learnar

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