After Slow Start Crimson Hoopsters Gain Lead--Scoring of Wenner and Close Guarding Bring Victory

Entering the game as underdog according to pre-game prognostications, and facing a 10 to 1 score against it after the first few minutes of play, the Harvard basketball team came from behind to defeat West Point 30 to 25 in Hemenway Gymnasium on Saturday night.

It seemed inevitable that Harvard would lose the game, for Columbia had trampled on the Crimson 44 to 17 and yet been defeated by Army 37 to 31. And when the cadets began to roll up the score in the first few minutes until the score stood at 10 to 1, all predictions seemed likely to be fulfilled.

From that moment, however, the Crimson quintet took the game over into their own hands. Captain Wenner started the rally with three quick baskets, and a foul shot for Harvard put the score at 10 to 8 with Army still in the lead, although by a much reduced margin. The Crimson's cause brightened considerably more when Mahady veteran Crimson forward, looped a shot from the middle of the floor into the basket, tying the score. Shortly after, Wenner put the Crimson into the lead with his fourth tally of the evening.

The game slowed up slightly in the second half, after the fast and furious first period. Five minutes before the final whistle, Harvard's lead had increased to 30 to 16, and Army staged an ineffective rally which brought the score up to 30 to 25 at the end of the game.

Wenner was again high scorer, of the evening, chalking up 12 points for the Crimson with five baskets and two fouls.


The summary: HARVARD  ARMY Wenner, l.f.  r.f., Krueger, Mansfield Mahady, Baskervill, r.f.  l.f., Hutchinson, Stecker Pierce, Burns, c.  c., Strother Nido. l.f.  r.g., Malloy, Wood Burns, Rex, r.g.  l.g., Abell, Messinger

Score Harvard 30, Army 25. Goals--Wenner 5, Strother 4, Mahady 2, Nido 2, Hutchinson 2, Krueger 2, Burns, Wood, Stecker. Fouls--Burns 3, Wenner 2, Pierce 2. Nido 2, Hutchinson 2, Mahady, Malloy, Strother, Stecker. Referee--Kelleher. Umpire--Hoyt. Time--Two 20-minute periods.