Calder's Work in Wire and Wood Will be Shown Next Week--Parody of French Circus Will be Feature

An exhibition of work which is generally considered by authorities as unique in the field of sculpture will be sponsored by the Harvard Society for Contemporary Arts next week. The exhibit will open Monday afternoon.

The work of Sandy Calder, son of Sterling Calder well-known sculptor, in the field of wire sculpture will be featured. Mr. Calder's productions, some of which have been on view at recent showings of the Society at their galleries in the Cooperative Society building, consist of humorous caricatures in wire as well as various animal models. There will also be on exhibit some of the artist's more serious work in wood sculpture. All objects will be offered for sale.

As a special feature of the show, Mr. Calder will give a parody of a French circus, employing his animal and human figures in wire. Two showings will be presented, on Tuesday and Friday nights at 9 o'clock.

This wire and wood sculpture has just been on the Fifty-Sixth Street Gallery in New York City, where it created no little stir among the ranks of Gotham critics and art connoisseurs.