Defeat Yale and Princeton in Match Held in New York--W. A. Robinson '31 is Undefeated in Meet

Harvard's chess team won its second consecutive championship in the Harvard-Yale-Princeton league at a tournament held in New York on December 28.

This was the twelfth victory for Harvard in the series of 37 tournaments in the league.

W. A. Robinson '31 was the only man participating in the tournament to win all four of his games. M. C. Stark '33 and Alexander Saron '31 each won three of their four games.

Summary of the fourth and final round: Stark defeated J. M. Miller (Y), 54 moves: E. B. Smullyan '32, defeated G. D. Knopf (Y), 29 moves: Robinson defeated J. H. Koch (P), 53 moves: Saron defeated D. A. Stern (P), 44 moves: O. E. Grace (Y), defeated R. K. Farnham (P), 45 moves; D. C. Forbes (P), defeated J. F. Durand (Y), 40 moves.