Keeping the ball in their opponents territory for the greater part of the game, the Harvard Freshman soccer team yesterday afternoon defeated Dean Academy, 1 to 0, on the field behind the Business School.

The Crimson score was made in the last period when a corner kick from F. A. Gilbert '34 was headed into the net by G. C. Streeter '34 and R. M. Gummere Jr. '34. Beyrd, right full back, played the best game for the visitors. The lineups: HARVARD 1934  DEAN Lawrence, g.  g., Smith Pollard, r.f.b.  r.f.b., Beyrd Parkinson, l.f.b.  l.f.b., Gifford Whitney, r.h.b.  r.h.b., Rankin Robinson, c.h.b.  c.h.b., Larsen Robbins, l.h.b.  l.h.b., Weafer Gilbert, o.r.f.  o.r.f., Wilkinson Streeter, i.r.f.  i.r.f., Clare Gummere, c.f.  c.f., Fernandez Martin, Bloomberg, i.l.f.  i.l.f., Snow Baxter, o.l.f.  o.l.f., Clark

Score--Harvard 1934 1, Dean Academy 0. Goal--Gummere. Referee--Joseph Gibson. Time--four 22-minute periods.

The University soccer team will meet Pennsylvania this afternoon at 2 o'clock on the field behind the Business School. or Army has come to grips with a major opponent this year. Both elevens have run rough shod over three small college teams and neither has been scored against. Victory today will make either one of them a serious contender for sectional honors.

If Harvard had its full strength in the game today there is but little doubt that Coach Horween's team would be a favorite at good odds. But Devens is lost to the backfield and Talbot and Ogden to the line. Last night it was still undetermined whether or not Mays would be allowed to enter the tilt. With Devens and possibly Mays out of the backfield most of the punch is gone and the duty to carry on falls on the shoulders of Schereschewsky and Batchelder. The former has never started in a big game while the latter is still a mysterious quantity despite an encouraging showing in the preceding games this year.


The game will be won or lost, from the Harvard viewpoint, according to the way that the substitutes fill the shoes of the regulars. In the line the play of the ends and the tackles defensively will be the deciding factors. The ends have no Cagle to worry about this year but they have an array of backs to watch, and the most deceptive offensive system in the country to combat. In the backfield the manner in which the understudies execute the lateral pass will be one of the deciding factors of the game. But Harvard's chief threat lies in the new plays that have been designed especially for Army and the judgment and resourcefulness Wood shows in calling them