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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

If your editor had kept his eyes open last summer when he was the civilian guest of the Naval Science Department on its cruise to the Azores, he would not have permitted the sentence "The summer cruise would afford adequate opportunity for marching" to have appeared in yesterday's editorial. The shape of the deck and the rolling of the sea certainly prevent any polished drilling on board the Wyoming.

There should be no doubt about the Rogers Building; the Naval Science Department secured its use several months before the School of Drama was even first announced. The Naval Science Department magnanimously offered its use to the School for the summer, and such other part of the year when there was to be no drilling. That the Dramatic School has since seen fit to plan an expansion should in no way give them any priority to the building. The University itself could have solved the problem last year by allowing the R. O. T. C. to drill in Memorial Hall. But that place, the scene of former Junior Proms, was deemed too sacred for marching feet. The various armories are not suitable because of their distance from the College, while the Big Tree Swimming Pool and the old cage are neither large enough nor suitable for drilling.

May I ask what you find more academic about the School of Drama (which is not a part of the University) than the Department of Naval Science and Tacties? Is there anything abstrusely pedantic about footlights, jazz, spangles, and immorality glorified under the name of art? If drilling has no place in a college of Liberal Arts, then Geology field trips do not belong here; the Physical and Chemical laboratories should be converted into additional libraries; compulsory Freshman exercise, and in fact, all activities of the H. A. A. should be immediately stopped because they, alas, are not academic! Yours truly,   Eugene Du Bois '33

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