Event Will be Put off a Week in Order That Mikkola May be Present--Many Graduate Stars Expected to Compete

Harvard's University Fall Handicap Track Meet will be run off today and tomorrow in all events except the pole-vault. The latter event is postponed until November 6 so that Coach Jaakko Mikkola who is accompanying the cross-country team to New Baven this weekend may be present. The meet is open to all members of the University and medals will be awarded to those winning places while the big point scorers will receive special prizes.

Graduate Stars Expected

It is expected that graduate students of track fame in other colleges will carry away many of the honors. J. L. Reid 2L, once intercollegiate cross country champion, intercollegiate two-mile champion and captain of the Harvard 1929 track team and Gerald Swope 2L, one-time captain and hurdle star of the Dartmouth track team will probably compete.

Last year, N. P. Beveridge '32, took three first places to win the meet. He won in the broad jump, the 50-yard dash and the high jump.

Schedule of Events


Entrauts should sign up at the Freshman Track, Soldiers Field, before each event. The schedule is as follows: Today--field events: javelin and high jump at 3 o'clock; running events; trials for the 70-yard dash 3.30 o'clock, 60-yard high hurdles 4 o'clock, 880-yard run 4.10 o'clock, trials for 150-yard dash 4.20 o'clock.

Tomorrow--field events: broad jump and shot put 3 o'clock; running events; finals of the 70 yard dash 3.30 o'clock, mile run 3.40 o'clock, 120 yard low hurdles 4 o'clock, 440-yard dash 4.10 o'clock, finals of the 150-yard dash 4.15 o'clock.