Professor Doriot, Planner of School, Met Many Obstacles -- Believes it May Help International Problems

Taking its model after the Harvard School of Business Administration, a new business school will be opened in Paris within the next fortnight; and Dean W. B. Donham of the Crimson institution is sailing today to attend the dedicatory ceremonies.

Organized under the direction of G. F. Doriot, assistant dean and professor of industrial Management in the Harvard school, who recently returned from France after having been called there by the Paris Chamber of Commerce, the Paris business school will be open only to graduate students, and the standards will be so high that they will have to have studied for four years in graduate schools before they will be eligible. "But", Professor Doriot points out, "that is not so difficult as it may seem, since in France the requirements for a B. A. degree are slightly below those in our best colloges, and incidentally much more standardized. A student is generally eligible for his degree when about eighteen."

Professor Doriot had to overcome the obstacles of secrecy in French firms before the school could be established. He states, "I recognized the conservative attitude of French business men, and their distrust of outsiders in regard to their own affairs. Fortunately this has been remedied, since these men had decided on having a school like the Harvard institution and were ready to cooperate with it. The policy of American industrialists is to give problems and cases from their offices to the Harvard school for study. After the French change of mind we have now all the cases we need to consider in order to cover a year's work.

"The problems handed over to our teachers and their classes here are ones which affect French industry as well as our own."

Professor Doriot remarked that the establishment of a French school so closely connected with the Harvard School of Business Administration may help in the diplomatic relations between the United States and France. "International business problems will be directly discussed and settled, and it is natural that this should lead to the exposing and discussion of political relations, which nowadays are very closely connected to business", he concluded.