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Under the direction of Charles Swain Thomas, Lecturer on the Teaching of English in the Harvard Graduate School of Education, that department of the University is offering this year a course unlike any other ever given before in the School.

The course is a seminary in the Teaching of English, with a general discussion of the principles and practices that govern the preparation of a manuscript designed for publication. Each member of the Seminary will prepare a manuscript of appropriate character for a large pamphlet, a book, or a school text. Some students may wish to undertake the editing of an English classic or an anthology.

It is hoped that many of these manuscripts may later be accepted by commercial publishers. Every detail of the course will be directed toward the practical solution of problems affecting the subject matter in hand. Mr. Thomas has had experience in this sort of work, and his guidance will be given to all students in the course.

The enrollment now stands at nineteen, an unusually large number for a seminar course. Many of the students are already at work on the practical projects which will be features of the course.

The following literary projects are suggested for students, who may use any one of them; a book of original essays of the personal type; a book of original poems, of short stories, or of travels; a book of essays upon literary topics; biographies of notable men and women; American legends: Literary Boston; Chivalry in the modern world; or even famous American educators.

Pedagogical projects may include work on essays on the teaching of English, on adventures in education, or upon journalistic and dramatic activities of the high school. Innumerable subjects of this sort are offered for practical study, all leading to the preparation of manuscripts for publication. Not only will the theories of the work be clearly outlined, the actual work will be supervised and guided by Mr. Thomas.

The course as given now may either be taken as a full or as a half course, dependent upon the project and amount of time the student has at his disposal.

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