Wadsworth House Medical Offices are Rearranged to Give Varied Service--Stillman Introduces Three Innovations

Two separate offices, one for treatment of surgical cases and another for use in giving medical advice, have been arranged at Wadsworth House, office of the Medical Adviser, it was learned yesterday.

Students seeking either medical advice or surgical service are first taken care of by a trained nurse, Miss Virginia Allen, and then referred to Dr. P. H. Means '19, Dr. Edward Harding '19, or Dr. F. M. Findlay. Dr. Means attends to those who need medical advice while the other two take care of surgical cases, such as athletic injuries.

The office of the Department of Physical Education has been moved to the first floor and that of the visiting preacher to the top floor. Dr. Worcester, speaking with regard to the recent changes said, "We have now the most efficient scheme yet devised for handling the work of this department. The entire second floor is now devoted to this service. Incidentally, this is the first time that we have ever had a trained nurse in Wadsworth House."

The remodeling of Wadsworth House is part of the general change that has been effected in the Department of Supervision of Health. Three new innovations are now in operation in Stillman Infirmary; a clinic for eye diseases, one for skin diseases, and a dental clinic. The first two are new this year, while the dental clinic was put into operation last spring.

Under the direction of Dr. H. B. C. Riemer, the clinic for eye diseases does not only treat infections cases but does the fitting of glasses as well. For first visits, including a general examination of the eyes and fitting of glasses if necessary, the charge is $5.00. For each subsequent one the charge is $3.00. These fees will be charged on the term bills Dr. F. L. Oliver, Clinical Professor of Dermatology in the Medical School, is in charge of the clinic for skin diseases. For service in this department, a fee of $3.00 a visit will be charged on term bills.


Both clinics, and the dental clinic as well, are open to all members of the University who are entitled to privileges of the Stillman infirmary. Appointments for consultations must be made in advance in Wadsworth House from 9 to 11 o'clock.