Results of Recent Trials are Given Out by Managers--Plans for Work of Year Not Yet Definite

After completing the opening trials, Monday and Tuesday, for the University Instrumental Clubs, the managers of the Clubs announced the following list of men accepted for this season.

Although no definite plans for the season have been made known, the management intimated that several regular local concerts had been scheduled and that plans were being laid for the annual Christmas trip which is expected to take the Clubs through New York and the Middle West.

The list of accepted men follows:

A. W. Adams '32, Karl Adams Jr. '33, J. L. Alperin '32, Gillillan Avery '33, David Band '34, F. F. Banker '34, J. H. Beard '34, E. S. Bosley '33, B. R. Brown '34, Lloyd Brown '34, F. F. Cary '34, Lathrop Clark '34, W. I. Clark '33, R. A. Cooley '32, W. H. Crawford '33, Demorest Davenport '33, F. M. Dearborn '33, J. L. Dexter '34, D. T. Dodge '33, N. P. Dodge '33, G. M. Fenollosa '33, A. Y. Foster '34, J. F. Gallagger '34, W. S. Georges '32, C. F. Goodale '34, R. H. Goodwin '33, R. M. Graff '34, S. H. Haste '34, G. S. Hayes '34, Cortlandt Hubbard '34.

M. P. Kahn '34, J. T. Kenney '34, C. H. King '34, G. E. McAdams '33, W. A. McGivney '33, Graham Macleod '33, Andrew Marshall '34, E. B. Marshall '34, D. Mc. Mathews '32, David Miller '34, T. F. Parshley '34, J. S. Plaut '33, A. W. Polk '34, Roger Potter '32, J. T. Quinby '34, G. R. Shaw II '34, H. S. Sise '34, Thomas Spencer '34. Charles Stephenson '34, John Swarts '34, Christopher Sykes '33, Bartlett Thorogood '34, Legrand Thurber '34, Atreus von Schrader '34, Richard Walsh '34, C. R. Ware '34, Carter Wells '34, George Wightman '34, Harrison Williams '34, E. H. Woodbury '32, E. A. Wye '34