Will Act as an Advisory Board on 1934 Matters Until Class Elects--Men are Selected by Proctors

The four Freshman dormitory committees, selected to assist the proctors of the 1934 halls in directing Freshman affairs were announced yesterday by W. B. Wood Jr. '32, chairman of the student Council Committee on Freshman affairs.

In the selection of the committees an attempt was made to secure representatives from as many parts of the country as possible, as well as to appoint men capable of filling the positions. All appointments have been made by the dormitory proctors themselves.

Under the supervision of Wood and the four head proctors, the dormitory committees will manage all Freshman affairs until the regular officers are elected by the class in February. Committee chairmen will be named for each hall in the future, who will act as an advisory board to the proctors.

List Committeemen

A list of the dormitory committees follows:


McKinlock Hall: A entry, Kent Sanger: B. entry, G. T. Clapp; C. entry, R. B. Buch; D entry, E. T. Rogers; and E entry, B. T. Elkins.

Gore Hall: A entry, A. P. Waters Jr.: B entry, H. M. Hoffheimer; C entry, Hobart Spalding; D entry, Floyd Nichols; E entry, H. M. Biles.

Standish Hall: A entry, G. S. Hayes; B entry, Robert Grant Jr.; C entry, R. M. Ames and Ranton Whitney Jr.; D entry, R. M. Gummeve Jr.; and E entry, William Lee.

Shepherd Hall: C. V. Hubbard.

Smith Halls: George Smith: A entry, H. G. Dillingham Jr.; B entry, F. S. Leutner; C entry, G. R. Shaw. James Smith: A entry, William Judkins; B entry, A. P. Smith; C entry, Charles Wells. Persis Smith: A entry, A. S. Hardwell; B entry, T. D. Pratt; C entry, B. T. Thorogood.