Intend Outlining Plans for Work of Year in Meeting--Visitor Will be Entertained at Lowell House

The International Council of Harvard University will hold its first meeting of the year at 7.30 o'clock tomorrow evening in Phillips Brooks House. Plans for the organization of work will be discussed. C. D. Hurrey, general secretary of the Committee on Friendly Relations Among Foreign Students, of New York, will be the guest of the Council.

One of the organizations sponsored by the Phillips Brooks House Association, the International Council constitutes an important part of the foreign student work at Harvard. It is, primarily, a discussion group which devotes its attention to consideration of problems of international interest. It is convened at least once each month and often invites speakers of note to lead the discussions. In addition to the more formal meetings the Council intends to utilize the Shepard room in Brooks House as an informal gathering place. Newspapers and periodicals from several nations are to be kept on file in this room for reference and for the pleasure of all foreign students.

Hurrey to be Present

The presence at this meeting of Hurrey, and four of his national secretaries, is expected to bind more closely the foreign student work at Harvard and the efforts of national organizations occupied in the same field of endeavor.

Through the courtesy of House Master J. L. Coolidge, Hurrey will be the guest of Lowell House while on his visit to this metropolitan district when he will confer with workers among students at the more important institutions.