Peter Shuebruk '33 Awarded Wendell Scholarship -- Napoleon Bonaparte Prize Goes to Kowarsky

Awarding of three of the most important University scholarships, the Francis H. Burr Award, the Charles Joseph Bonaparte Prize, and the Jacob Wendell Scholarship, was announced at University Hall yesterday.

Vernon Munroe Jr., president of the Student Council, member of the Dunster House Executive Committee, and captain of the track team, has been awarded the Francis H. Burr Scholarship on the basis of combined scholastic and athletic ability.

The Burr Scholarship is presented by friends of Francis H. Burr '09 in his memory. Burr was the first marshal of his class as well as president of his Freshman Class. He was on the University football team four years, being elected its captain in 1908. He also played on the baseball team in his second year and was on the track squad as well as a good polo player. Burr was also a member of numerous clubs and organizations.

The winner of the scholarship is chosen in the middle of the Junior year by the Dean of the College and the Director of the Athletic Association. The selection however, is not announced until the Senior year.

Munroe has competed in track all during his college career. He was anchor man on the relay team that broke the world's indoor record. He was captain of his Freshman track team and ran at his preparatory school, Phillips Exeter. The recipient of the award last year F. J. Mardulier '30 was also on the track team.


Arnold Louis Kowarsky '31 was awarded the Bonaparte Prize, given to the man having the highest scholastic average in the Department of Government in his Junior year. He prepared at the Brooklyn Boys High School.

The Jacob Wendell Prize, for the student who has the highest scholastic average in his Freshman year, was awarded to Peter Shuebruk '33 who, like Munroe, also prepared at Exeter. His home address is Cohasset. Last year's Wendell recipient was H. L. Morrill '32. The prize was established in 1902 by bequest of the man whose name it bears, Jacob Wendell '99.