Mays-Crickard Lateral Combination New Experiment--Huguley to Take Place of Wood

With the spotlight of eastern football being cast on the Yale-Dartmouth encounter this afternoon at New Haven, a no less important game as far as the determination of Harvard football policy for the rest of the season is concerned will take place this afternoon, when Harvard meets William and Mary at 2 o'clock.

The chief cause of the interest that is being taken in this afternoon's game is the fact that Horween is starting a lineup which is made up of men who during the part of the season that has just ended have not been on the regular team A list, but have served in the main as reserves for the regulars.

For this reason the backfield that will oppose the William and Mary eleven at the kickoff will be a hitherto untried combination that will be kept in the game as long as the Harvard plays go smoothly; on the other hand, if things go hard with the Crimson, the entire Harvard squad--will be available to fill the gaps, with the exception of Richards, who is definitely out of the contest.

The first backfield enigma which the Southerners will be forced to solve will be made up of Huguley, Mays, Crickard, and Schereschewsky. Huguley, veteran footballer, who started his career as a halfback and who has been converted into a signal caller, will take Wood's place at quarterback, and his performance this afternoon will give a good chance for a comparison with that of the regular team general.

Lateral passes, one of the Harvard mainstays in past games, which last year were carried out with supreme success at the hands of Mays and Devens, the fleet backs who seemed especially adapt- ed to this form of offensive, have not proved the source of strength this year that they were last season, and with the definite loss of Devens, today's game should also throw some light as to how much emphasis will be placed on this type of play in the future. The on new man who seems to be a likely successor to Devens as a partner for May is Crickard, the speedy back who rose to fame for his good work against Army. For this season, the success that these two have with the Southerners will without question show just how strong the Harvard lateral attack is under the new regime, and how much it will be depended on in future games.

Shereschewsky, who will start at fullback, has already made a name for him self as a powerfull ball carrier and plunger and his presence in the starting lineup assures a capable carrier for power plays.

In comparison with William and Mary the Harvard aggregation mind be considered a favorite since in experience and weight the Crimson eleven is more strongly fortified. The Virginians have a small squad of only 24 men, most of whom are lighter than their Harvard opponents, who average 10 pounds heavier per man in the line.

The William and Mary team, however, despite its lightness of material, has a speedy backfield as its main piece de resistance, but aside from this there is little more than a scrappy spirit very commendable in a team that is undoubtedly facing an uneven struggle.A. W. HUGULEY '31