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The release of four films, which have just been completed this fall and two of which will have their first Boston showing on December 9 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, were announced yesterday at the University Film Foundation. These are part of a series demonstrating the Arts and produced for the Art Museum.

The two films that will be shown in December are "The Art of Spinning and Weaving" and "The Medal Maker". The first was taken in the Colonial Rooms of the Museum and under the exact supervision of the Museum curators. The producers claim that it sets a new standard of authenticity both in colonial backgrounds and in picturization of the crafts of spinning and weaving. "The Medal Maker" was made especially for the American Numismatic Society and demonstrates the making of medals and coins as done by Laura Gardin Fraser, maker of the official government medals of Lindbergh and Byrd.

picture Wood Engraving

"The Last of the Wood Engravers" is the third of the recent Foundation films. It was produced to preserve and make available for posterity the extraordinary technique of Timothy Cole, last of the great wood engravers. His subject in this presentation is the EI Greco masterpiece, "Fray Feliz Hortensio", in the Boston Museum. The fourth of the productions of the Film Foundation is entitled "The Silversmith", an illustration of the technique of the art of the silversmith. It was produced through the cooperation of A. J. Stone, an outstanding worker in silver in this country.

The regular schedules for the showing of these productions at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts will not begin until January 8, but a special program will be held on December 18 and another on December 30 at the Museum.

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