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The Lowell House football team will close its season today in a game against Dunster House. This contest is as important to the rivals as the Yale game is to the university. The team that wins will have had a successful season; the one that loses will wish it hadn't. As a matter of fact the University players might learn something from this game. They stake everything on a victory over Yale. The rest of the year doesn't matter so much. Dunster doesn't have any other opponents; neither does Lowell. Why should the University?

To get back to the two Houses; they both have been having secret practice. This is bad. It may explain the panels in Lowell House tower, but it defeats the whole purpose of the Plan itself. The boys are supposed to chum around with each other. To segregate the football squads is not fair to the others. Besides it wouldn't be at all surprising to find the Dunster House team coming down to dinner and taking up a whole table by themselves. They might not pay any attention to their supporters and, worse, their supporters may not pay any attention them.

Whoever wins in such a game doesn't matter much; it's the sport of the thing that counts. However, ten-table chatter indicates that Lowell has a pretty good chance. The standards of their training table are higher than at Dunster.

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