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Selection by the Executive Committee of the Harvard Dramatic Club of the production committee for its fall production, Witter Bynner's fantasy, "Cake," to be presented December 10, 11 and 12 in Brattle Hall, Cambridge, and at the Repertory Theatre in Boston on December 13, was announced last night. Because of the numerous and fantastic settings and costumes, the committee for this production in unusually large.

W. L. West '32 and B. H. Goldsmith '33, will be the joint managers of the play. This division of the managerial function is an innovation which the Executive Committee felt forced to introduce in view of the particular severity of staging requirements. J.W. Henderson '31 is in charge of the stage department, and will supervise the construction of the sets. J.S. Williams '33 will manage the properties, which are being highly stylized and will also involve construction.

The lighting effects will be under the direction of J. W. Welsh '31, who has done this work for the last three productions. M. P. Smith '32, who is in charge of make-up, has also assisted in this capacity in a previous production. M. S. Sternberg '31, the publicity manager, and W. R. Keany '32, who is directing the ticket sales, complete the committee.

The entire cast was also released by Mrs. Christine Arfeld Davidson, who is directing the production. R. R. Wallstein '32, who has acted for a season with the Province town Players, has the part of the Mandarin. Wallstein is also assisting with the direction. J. F. Eddy '31 plays the part of a Parisian artist while H. B. Wesselman '31 also plays one of the leading roles, that of Unicorn.

The complete cast is as follows: Unicorn, H. B. Wesselman '31; The Lady, Maryalice Cobb; The Cake-Servant, W. H. Melish '31; A Psycho-Analyst, M. P. Smith '32; Mary Magdalen, Barbara Wertheim, Radcliffe '33; Judas, L. S. Beals '32; Adam, W. S. Burrage '33; Eve, Marie Haas, Radcliffe '31; A Mandarin, R. R. Wallstein '32; An Artist, J. F. Eddy '32.

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