Crimson Will Use Passes More Than in Any Game so Far--Squad Spends Day on Fundamentals

Three more Harvard regulars, Kuehn, Talbot and Harding, all of whom were slated to start the Michigan game on Saturday, were declared to be out of the tilt yesterday as the Crimson went through its regular practice drill.

The case of Harding alone is doubtful as there is a remote chance that he will recover from the injury suffered in the William and Mary game and get into part of the tilt against the Wolverines, but the odds seem to be against him. Kuehn and Talbot are definitely out, however, and the former is lost to the team for the year.

Kuehn was injured in the William and Mary game and yesterday it was discovered that he had suffered a broken back and is confined at the Stillman Infirmary. Talbot was injured for the third time this year in the dummy scrimmage yesterday. Barring a recurrence of the injury he should be able to play against Yale.

Although Frank Shaughnessy has left Cambridge, Jesse Hawley, former Dartmouth mentor, was at the field again helping with the work on forwards. It seems fairly certain that Harvard will rely solely on a passing attack for any offensive gains against the Wolverines. Both the laterals and the forwards have not worked to any especial degree of perfection this year but Coach Horween hopes that the week's drill on them will help the Crimson to stage an effective offensive.

The starting lineup still remains undetermined but if the way the team lined up in the signal drill yesterday can be taken as any criterion here is the way they will face the whistle on Saturday: Ogden and either Moushegian or Hageman at the ends, Kales and Trafford at the tackles, Trainer and Myerson at the guards, Ticknor at center, and a backheld composed of Wood, Huguley, Crickard and Schereschewsky. Mays will be on the sidelines ready to relieve Crickard.