"Shameful Demonstration"

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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

We have always understood that Englishmen were accustomed to regard Americans with a more or less condescending attitude. If the actions of a certain element which attended the excellent lecture given by Captain Bruce Bairnsfather at the Harvard Union Tuesday evening can be called typically American, then we feel that the English attitude is entirely justified.

Hardly had Captain Bairnsfather finished his interesting and highly amusing lecture, when the platform was stormed by a misguided group of souvenir hunters fighting to obtain the cartoons which he had drawn during the course of his lecture. In the melee which ensued, the easel was upset, and many of the drawings were torn to pieces by these pseudo-gentlemen, supposedly engaged in acquiring culture at Harvard.

We sincerely trust that Captain Bairnsfather will not take back to his countrymen an impression of Harvard influenced by the shameful demonstration of this very small minority. We therefor take it upon ourselves to extend to Captain Bairnsfather our apologies for this ungentlemanly conduct. T. Havemeyer Coogan '33.   Thomas Herbert Brown, Jr. '33   Charles E. Angle '33.