In the Graduate Schools

Tycoons' Association Will Discuss Problems With Professors

Representatives of a new organization, the "American Business Men Interested in the Development of Business Research," will meet this afternoon at the Graduate School of Business Administration for their first annual meeting.

The group was formed last spring under the auspices of the School, and now numbers among its members executives from practically every important American firm. They aim to maintain close contact with the research developments of the School and to discuss, at times such as the present gathering, personally with the profesosrs the work they are doing, what they did last year, and what they plan to do in the future.

In addition, the associates carry on active if only occasional technical work themselves. A fatigue laboratory was established in Morgan Hall for their experiments; recently they have been studying the reactions of the human organism to fatigue, and the biochemical changes occurring when muscles are being heavily exercised.

For the present meeting the Faculty Club will be turned over to the visitors. This morning there will be a meeting of the visiting committee and the members of the association. The visitors may attend classes and lectures during the morning. At noon the Association will be given dinner by the Faculty Club.

In the afternoon at 3.15 o'clock the business meeting will be held at the Faculty Club. Jesse S. Strauss, chairman of the visiting committee, will preside, and Professor M. T. Copeland will speak on "Present Day Problems in Distribution."

The meeting after the dinner in the evening will be led by President Lowell and Dean W. B. Donham '98. Professor Elton Mayo will talk on "Recent Research Work in Labor." Professor Alfred N. Whitehead will also speak.