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All members of the Sophomore and Junior Classes will receive application blanks about next Friday, together with pamphlets describing the five new Houses, it was announced at University Hall yesterday. The Freshman Class will receive similar material for all seven Houses early in the second half-year.

The Sophomore and Junior applications, containing the statement of the House preferred by each student, will be due by 5 o'clock on Saturday, January 17, just prior to the beginning of the mid-year examination period, and should be delivered to Room C, University Hall, or to a representative of one of the Houses. The Masters will announce the lists of men for their respective Houses within a few weeks after January 17.

Open in 1931

The five new Houses, to be opened in September, 1931, are Adams, Eliot, Kirkland, Leverett, and John Winthrop, all of which have been described in the series of articles which has appeared in the CRIMSON during recent weeks.

The pamphlets describing the five new Houses are similar to those which were issued for Dunster and Lowell Houses last year. The pamphlets and blanks are being sent out before the Christmas recess so that men may have an opportunity to consider the matter carefully during the holidays, and to consult their families.

Office Hours

Representatives of the various Houses will hold office hours, from the date on which the applications go out until Saturday, December 20, and from Monday, January 5 to Saturday, January 17, at times and places to be announced in the CRIMSON and on the bulletin boards in University Hall. A clerk will also be present in Room C. University Hall, at all times to give general information.

Application blanks for Dunster and Lowell Houses will not be sent to Sophomores and Juniors this year because there will be no admission to either of these Houses for members of the Classes of 1932 and 1933, except as may be due to the occasional withdrawal of Sophomores and Juniors now living in these Houses. Students in the Engineering School who are in the Sophomore and Junior Classes may apply for the Houses.

Admit Groups

In view of the fact that certain Sophomores and Juniors have for several years been living in groups which have proved congenial, it has been agreed after consultation with the Student Council Committee on the House Plan that men may apply for admission and for rooms in groups as was done last year, even if such groups are somewhat larger than may be accepted in later years. In future years when practically all of the members of the Houses will be chosen from the Freshman Class, there is a general feeling that it would not be desirable to admit men in groups larger than six or eight, preferably the former.

The Student Council Committee has recommended that meetings addressed by the Masters and other interested parties be held in the common rooms of the Freshman Halls, in order to acquaint the Freshman Class with the House Plan.

Dropped Freshmen, according to the announcement yesterday, will not be admitted to the Houses. This policy has been adopted because only some of the dropped Freshmen secure regular tutorial instruction, and, of those who do, very few can profit from such instruction because of the lack of background for independent work and also the fact that most of their time must of necessity be given to establishing satisfactory records in courses in order to remain in College. Also many of the dropped Freshmen, because of deficiencies, are carrying five or six courses which leaves little time for tutorial work. Since the Houses are intimately associated with the tutorial system and are intended for upperclassmen, it is felt by the authorities that the dropped Freshman is out of place there

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