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The Student Vagabond


The advent of the reading period, indeed, brings a time of enforced inactivity to the Vagabond, although this is perhaps not unwelcome to his weary frame. For with the exception of a few scant offerings that are whispered of next week, today marks the culmination of the indoor season. So with only a faint admonition to patronize local industries, the Vagabond intends to depart to other climates. As a parasite upon intellectual life, however, he is conscious of the parries and thrusts, upon his nature, so that in self-defense, and perhaps to imbibe a final morsel of mental nourishment, he will listen to Professor Parker's discourse upon "Parasites," in the Zoology Lecture Room at 10 o'clock.

Other lectures of interest today are as follows:


10 o'clock

"E. L. Masters, Vachel Lindsay and Seminary of Course." Professor Murdock, Harvard 1, (English 33).

"The Latest Development in Russia, Professor Karpovich, Sever 21.

"Practical Philosophy of Realism," Professor Perry, Emerson A.

11 o'clock

"Odds and Ends in Medieval Literature," Professor Webster, Sever 11.

"Protestantism, Toleration and Democracy," Professor Merriman, Emerson J.

12 o'clock

"Agricultural Policy." Professor Black, Sever 17.

"Neo-classic Architecture in Italy." Mr. Opdycke, Fogg Museum.

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