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Two hundred young men of Harvard, after the Harvard hockey team has won a crucial game, boarded a Boston subway last week, conducted a miniature pep session in the aisles, broke a good deal of glass, and generally made a pretty complete mess of the car.

We cannot say that we have ever had much sympathy for the Harvard nonchalance, the veneer of aloofness and superficial polish which is in the mind of the Middle West the chief characteristic of the Harvard product. Surface sophistication is as meaningless as a cup of sugar and cream and hot water without coffee.

But the fervor of almamatermania which drove the 200 young men of Harvard to demolish a subway car is even loss desirable. We have many times discussed the merits of the green cap, the St. Pat's parade, and the big rush: but we have never had quite so insane a specimen of sophomorism at Wisconsin as Harvard's expedition into school spirit.

We cast our vote for the Harvard indifference: let the solemn asses parade in their swank derbies and their gorgeous pants, let them smoke cigarettes in long holders and look with drooping bored eyes upon the swarming life of the world: but do not, we pray to heaven, bless Harvard's going collegiate.

Univ. of Wisconsin Daily Cardinal.

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