Meeting With Combined Teams From Oxford and Cambridge is Highlight of Schedule

With a rugged season ahead, the lacrosse team will continue the principles inaugurated last year in conducting the practice period, according to Coach Madison Sayles '27.

At the beginning of the spring vacation the squad will journey to Syracuse, N. Y., where it will get the instruction of L. D. Cox, Syracuse coach, as well as continual practice with the New York team.

Of international interest is the game with the combined Oxford-Cambridge team scheduled to be played on April 22 in Cambridge. This is the first time that the Englishmen have invaded Harvard since 1926, when they were vanquished by a 6 to 0 defeat by a Harvard team on which the present Coach Sayles was a deciding factor.

The following is the complete schedule: April 5, graduates; April 7-11, Syracuse practice; April 12, Cornell at Ithaca; April 19, Brown; April 22, Oxford-Cambridge; April 26, Dartmouth; May 1, M. I. T. at M. I. T.; May 3, Navy at Annapolis; May 14, Springfield; May 17, Williams at Williamstown; May 22, Syracuse; May 30, Yale.