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Coaches Whiteside and Haines of the Harvard crew announced last night that eight University crews would row in the tank at the Newell Boat House today. The crews have been made up indiscriminately. There are absolutely no conclusions to be drawn from the seatings released, since light and heavy men are mingled, with the result that the leading oarsmen are not in the positions in which they ordinarily row.

Among the interesting developments is the placing of M. R. Brownell, Jr. '30 at stroke. Brownell has rowed for two years on the Jayvee eight and captained it last year. This is his first appearance in the stroke seat for some time. S. W. Swaim '31, who set the pace for both of the University shells last season is rowing at No. 2.

Among the lesser known prospects for the pace setting seat are A. G. Bullock '31, N. E. Long '32, and C. L. Dreyfus '31. Captain L. W. Dickey '30 appears at No. 7 in one of the eights with A. N. Webster '31, one of the best oars in last year's Jayvee eight, and M. M. Johnson '31, No. 5 of the 1929 first crew, rowing behind him at six and five respectively. They will be boated as follows:

Crew M--R. W. Pearson '31, stroke; W. L. Thompson, Jr. '32, 7; Lawrence Grinnell, Jr. '31, 6; T. C. T. Buckley '32, 5; R. C. L. Timpson '31, 4; T. E. Covel '32, 3; S. W. Swaim '31, 2; bow, N. E. Parkinson '31.

Crew N--M. R. Brownell, Jr. '30, stroke; L. W. Dickey '30, 7; A. N. Webster '31, 6; M. M. Johnson, Jr. '31, 5; J. W. Hallowell '31, 4; T. E. Armstrong '32, 3; Cyrus Wood '32, 2; bow, R. I. McKesson '31.

Crew O--J. E. Lawrence '31, stroke; J. M. Erickson '32, 7; C. F. Hovey '32, 6; J. V. Veeder '32, 5; Rogers Donaldson '30, 4; R. L. Vaughn '31, 3; E. B. Thomas '32, 2; bow, A. T. Gray '30.

Crew P--P. H. Watts '31, stroke; H. W. Sturges, Jr. '30, 7; A. B. Rood '31, 6; J. G. Lewis '31, 5; Desmond Fitzgerald '32, 4; Marshall Rawle '30, 3; F. F. Colloredo-Mansfeld '32, 2; bow, R. P. Post '32.

Crew Q--A. H. Parker, Jr. '32, stroke; E. L. Millard, Jr. '31, 7; A. A. Campbell '30, 6; W. B. Trafford '32, 5; A. H. Crimmins '32, 4; J. S. Wintringham '30, 3; S. D. Peirce '32, 2; bow, L. G. Robinson, Jr. '32.

Crew R--A. G. Bullock '31, stroke; J. H. Moses '31, 7; F. H. Kales '32, 6; W. N. Francis '31, 5; B. E. Rogers '31, 4; Mathew Hale '32, 3; H. C. Dickinson, Jr. '32, 2; bow, R. R. Stebbins '31.

Crew S--N. E. Long '32, stroke; C. D. Post '31, 7; J. R. Henchen '31, 6; Joseph Head, Jr. '31, 5; J. W. Appel '32, 4; N. D. Talbot '32, 3; J. W. Brummel '32, 2; bow, D. S. Scholfield '32.

Crew T--C. W. Dreyfus '31, stroke; E. W. Robinson '32, 7; J. M. Barnum '30, 6; Rockwell Kent '32, 5; F. G. Shaw '31, 4; R. M. Kellogg '32, 3; A. F. Borts '32, 2; bow, Dudley Davis, Jr.

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