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Day by day the city of Chicago sinks deeper and deeper into the slough of indebtedness: meanwhile the royal vultures of England hover overhead, circling nearer and nearer, patiently waiting for her last gasping struggles.

Well, what did mayor Thompson say."

Things look very black, and the wicket gate seems far away. But there is still hope, for Chicago has within her own windy limits the latent ability to raise her from her present dilemma. Her citizens have been making the grave mistake of overlooking hidden talent in their very midst, which through modesty and a reticence only natural under the circumstances, refuses to reveal itself. This refers to the unknown group of young men who have taken it upon themselves to relieve the monotony of their fellow citizens in a time of trouble with the free fireworks and similar public spectacles of the last few days. The remarkable thing is, that with the timidity and retiring nature of true philanthropists, these public-spirited gentlemen have eluded all attempts to discover their identity. It is even rumored that detectives have been engaged to this end, but any such efforts, if they have really been made at all, have failed signally.

Perhaps in the near future some sufficient inducement may be offered--the keys to the city, or to the first national bank--for these unknowns to take over the management of the city completely, so that Chicago may once again take her place in the proud ranks of the solvent cities.

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