In the Graduate Schools

Donaldson, Brown, and Heiss Named for Subordinate Positions

At the final business meeting of the year for the entire board, the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau elected its officers for the coming fiscal year, which begins next September, and also passed an amendment to the by-laws concerning the liability of members of the Bureau.

The presidential chair for the coming year will be filled by T. E. Dudley 2L; for vice-president, D. P. Donaldson 2L has been elected. E. J. Brown 2L and F. H. Heiss 2L have been named secretary and treasurer respectively.

The amendment to the by-laws is to the point that if in the opinion of the Board of Directors any member of the Bureau has fallen greatly below the standard, thereby causing financial loss to a client, the member shall indemnify the client.

A report of the cases handled by the Bureau for the past fiscal year, that is for September 1929 to March 1930, showed that a new peak of work has been reached. At present 235 cases have been handled, a number never before equalled; while a few cases are still unsettled, there will be no new cases received until next fall.

The Legal Aid Bureau, in its seventeenth year of service, renders a double service to the public and the Law School. While primarily for the service of students of the University, the Bureau also undertakes cases for clients who otherwise could not afford legal service. Besides this charitable function, which helps to fill a gap in the judicial machinery of the United States, the Bureau is of great value not only to law students, but also to the entire legal profession.


The Bureau is unique in that it is managed entirely by students, and in that it has no practicing attorney at its head.