Signers of the Petition Understood to be Dissatisfied--Are Planning to Make Further Move

In reply to the open letter from 50 Harvard alumni received by the authorities of the University on Sunday, which reopened the already drawn-out scrubwoman case by its demand that the women be given their back pay, an announcement from University Hall last night maintained that at all times the scrubwoman had received at least the wages required by the Minimum Wage Law, and that no complaints had ever been forthcoming from the women themselves.

The statement issued is as follows:

"The College authorities are now fully informed, and they believe that at all times the cleaning women in the Library have been paid at least those wages required by the Minimum Wage Law and the decrees of the Commission. They are not aware of any complaint ever having been received from the women regarding their wages. They believe that all employees subject to any Minimum Wage decree are receiving at least the minimum wage and they propose to pay that wage.

"The general subject of salaries and wages is a matter of concern and is receiving consideration."

The letter which called forth this response was addressed to the President, Fellows, and Overseers of the University, and in general protested the action of the University authorities throughout the affair. The demand was made that back pay be given all of the women in order to remove from Harvard any stigma which might have accrued to her in connection with trying to evade the Minimum Wage Commission's ruling.


Indications last night seemed to point to a continuation of the fight inasmuch as the reply of the University seemed not to satisfy the group of alumni. who, it is understood, are planning another move in the near future.