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"Cellulose; its Uses and Possibilities in World Affairs" is the title of a lecture to be given tonight by Dr. Gustavus Esselin, a prominent authority in the field of research chemistry. The lecture will be at 8 o'clock in the Chemistry Laboratory and will be illustrated with slides.

The following lectures will be of interest during the next two days:


9 o'clock

"Chou Tun-i the Monist", Professor Porter Widener 776.

10 o'clock

"Golumella and Petronius", Professor Rand, Sever 13.

"The Nearest Stars", Professor Plaskett, Astronomy Laboratory.

12 o'clock

"Hebbel's Herodes und Mariamme," Professor Silz, Sever 6.

"Corregio", Professor Post, small Fogg lecture room.

"Roman Temples", Professor Conant, Robinson Hall.

"Development of English Commerce", Professor Usher, Widener U.


9 o'clock

"Procedure in the Senate", Professor Holcombe, New Lecture Hall.

"The Outbreak of the Civil War", Professor Whitney, Harvard 6.

10 o'clock

"The Spanish-American War", Professor Baxter, Harvard 2.

"Richelieu", Mr. Doolin, Sever 9.

"Liszt and the Symphonic Poem", Professor Spalding, Music Building.

"Walt Whitman", Professor Murdock, Harvard 2.

"The Russo-Japanese War", Professor Karpovitch, Sever 25.

"Carlyle", Dr. Starr, Sever 18.

11 o'clock

"Hans Sachs", Professor Howard, Sever 6.

"George Lillo", Professor Murray, Harvard 3.

12 o'clock

"Humanitarianism and Reform in XVIII century England", Professor Whitney, Emerson J.

"The Taming of the Shrew", Professor Murray, Harvard 3.

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