Squash and Hockey Teams Win from Eli Rivals, as 1933 Sextets Tie--Yale Polo Team Tramples on Harvard Riders

Yale Freshmen Knot Count in Closing Minutes and Both Teams Fail to Score in Overtime

A ten-minute overtime period failed to break the 3 to 3 deadlock of the Harvard and Yale Freshman hockey game at New Haven Saturday.

Five of the six scores were made in the first period, with the Crimson leading 3 to 2 at the gong. Yale evened the count in the last 30 seconds of the third period. Although an overtime was played, neither team could clinch the victory. HARVARD 1933  YALE 1988 Stone, Pell, l.w.  r.w. Weigand. Gillette Putnam, c.  c., Fletcher, Cookman Saltonstall, Baldwin, r.w.  l.w. Ryan Stone, Johnson David, l.d.  r.d. Parker Bailey, r.d  l.d., Barnes, Wheeler Bartok g.  g. Tweedy

Score--Harvard Freshmen S. Yale Freshmen S. Goals First period Fletcher (3.09): Fletcher (11.35): Stone (13.02); Putnam (13.38); Baldwin (17.07). Third period--Cookman (19.36). Referee--MacDonnel. Time--Three 20-minute periods, one ten minute overtime period.