Professor Oliver Elton of University of Liverpool to Assume Position Formerly Held by Perry

Tutorial methods will be applied to English A-1, it was announced yesterday. At the same time many changes in the names, subject-matter and professors of other courses were made known with the publication of the provisional list of courses.

While English A-1 and A-2 are slated to retain their present titles, English A-3 will be called English 28 and English A-4 will be called English 79 as formerly. At present no change in the subject-matter of the latter courses is planned. English 41, long associated with the name of Professor Bliss Perry, will be given for another year under the supervision of Professor Oliver Elton, who will come to Harvard from the University of Liverpool.

The section meetings in English A-1 will be cut from three to one a week. In place of the omitted section meetings will be a bi-weekly conference of an hour in groups of four students and an instructor, a monthly lecture to the whole course on general questions of style and literature, and additional outside reading. As at present, there will be an hour and a mid-year examination in the first half-year, and students without conditions will be allowed to choose the style of writing they study for the second half.

Beside knitting the course together, the monthly lecture will furnish the basis for the work in the sections. The conferences will in turn by even more specialized.

The advantage of the tutorial method here is that while the weekly section meeting will provide for all necessary discussion of themes and lectures to the section as a whole, the conferences will be better able to take care of the more advanced work because each conference group will set its own pace. The advantage of a group of four over an individual conference lies in the interchange of ideas possible in such a group.


English 31, formerly given by Professor, Hurlbut '87, will be given by Mr. B. A. DeVoto '18. English 7 is to be cut to a half-course under Professor C. N. Greenough '98, while Professor C. N. Greenough '98, while Professor Lowes English 72 will be omitted next year.

The other courses formerly given by Professor Bliss Perry including English 54, 55, and 59 will be discontinued after the present year.