Tomorrow afternoon the Freshman baseball team will journey to South-boro to open the season with a game with St. Mark's. Thus far the team has shown up well, with fast and snappy fielding and excellent hitting.

Among the powerful hitters starting for the Freshmen, R. D. Kiernan '33, shortstop, and T. J. Valenski '33, catcher, have done consistently well with the bats. For infielders J. M. Bradley '33, formerly of Milton, is starting at first base. Bradley is having to fight for his job with S. S. Adams '33, who has been put out of the game for the present due to illness. In the field P. H. Lord '33 is covering the right side with speedy efficiency. Lord is of a baseball family, having had a brother W. W. Lord '28 on the Harvard team of 1928, playing anywhere on the diamond, and a second brother on a recent Bowdoin College nine. Lord and Kiernan are both graduates of Tabor Academy. Although no pitcher of last year's Freshman team standard has been found yet, T. M. Hastings '33, Philip Boyer '33, and W. J. Lloyd '33 are reliable twirlers. In general this year's Freshman nine is a good hitting team, with fielding that is not quite up to the usual standards.

A veteran second University nine is also starting the season tomorrow, with a game against Wentworth Institute. Replete with many stars from last year's Freshman team this second University nine appears well fortified both in the fielding and in batting departments. Among the promising men are T. G. O'Neil '30, shortstop, and P. A. Ketchum '31, third-baseman, both veterans of last year's seconds, D. W. Sprague '32, centerfielder, captain of the Freshmen last year, and J. E. Sheldon '32, catcher. For pitchers Phineas Tobe '32, and F. O. White '32, both mainstays last year, will do the bulk of the hurling for the seconds.