Contest Will be Played on Nine Point Basis--Finlay, Arnold, and Eaton Will be Mainstays of Team

The University golf team will open its season this afternoon against Syracuse at the Braeburn Country Club at 2.30 o'clock.

Captain Phillips Finlay '31 will play at number one for the Crimson, W. P. Arnold '31 at number two, J. B. Baldwin Jr. '31 number three, E. B. Murphy '31 number four, C. S. Eaton '32 number five, and either C. L. Stover '30 or L. D. Wood '31 number six.

The match will be played on the nine point basis, one point being counted for the best ball in each of three foursomes, and the remaining six points being competed for in six individual matches.

Although no matches have yet been played by the Crimson team, it is expected to be stronger than ever before. Finlay qualified for the first division of the recent North and South Amateur Championships; Arnold scored a 71 while competing in the second division of the same division; and Eaton counted a 69 over the Winchester course during vacation.