Wilbur Walter Hampden in "Richelieu". Plenty of blood and thunder, and for the must part well acted.

Tremont "Gambling", by and with George M. Cohan. Amusing comedy.

Hollis-Stratford-Upon-Avon Festival Company. "Twelfth Night", this afternoon, and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" this evening.

Plymouth "Little Accident". Well on the way to this year's endurance record.



Shubert Evelyn Herbert in "The New Moon" which seems to have retained its youthful vigour for nearly two years.


Loew's State "A Lady to Love". Reviewed in this issue.

Majestic "Song O' My Heart". Mostly John McCormack, although there is some pretense at a plot.

Metropolitan Charles "Buddy" Rogers in "Young Eagles" or The Rover Boys in the Air.

Keith Memorial-Theatre. "The Golden Calf". Reviewed in this issue.

Keith-Albee. "Officer O'Brien" William Boyd glorifying the Irish cop.

University "The Bishop Murder Case" and "Happy Days". The first is worth seeing, but the second could empty a theatre faster than a fire.

Repertory "Die Meistersinger"

Olympia "Show Girl in Holly wood". A rather nude but in spite of that an uninteresting picture.

Central Square William Powell in "Street of Chance". An excellent picture. Also "Love' Comes Along" with Bebe Dantels which is not so good.