Freshman and Lightweight Eights Arranged for M. I. T. Regatta--Four Races in All

Coach Charles J. Whiteside, University crew coach, announced last night that the University B crew will be the one to take the water against M. I. T. in the first race of the season next Saturday. The B crew has been considered as being the first boat for quite some time, but it was not until last night that Coach Whiteside officially designated it as such. The crew is stroked by F. F. Colloredo-Mansfeld '32, who last year rowed number two in the Freshman boat.

Freshman Seatings

At the same time that Whiteside made the final selection of his crew, H. H. Haines, Freshman mentor, and F. R. Sullivan '27, who handles the lightweight eights, gave out the personnel of their crews for the M. I. T. regatta. Whiteside also announced that the University A crew will be the Jayvee boat and will row as such against Tech. J. E. Lawrence '31 will stroke this crew, G. J. Cassedy '33 the Freshman boat, and J. M. Byrne '31, the lightweight eight.

The opening regatta is scheduled to start at 3 o'clock on Saturday at which time the first of the four races, the Freshman race, will start. The 1933 eights will row the mile and three-quarters course and will be followed a half hour later by the Jayvees, who will row the same distance. At 4 o'clock the University 150 lb. crews will take to the water and race the Henley distance of one and five-sixteenths miles. The University race will follow at 4.30 o'clock over the mile and three-quarters stretch.

University Crews


The complete University and second University seatings are as follows:

University boat, A. H. Stebbins '32, cox; F. F. Colloredo-Mansfeld, stroke; Captain L. W. Dickey '30, no. 7; A. N. Webster '31, no. 6; N. M. Johnson '31, no. 5; J. W. Hallowell '31, no. 4; J. E. Erickson '32, no. 3; S. W. Swaim '31, no. 2; Page, bow.

Jayvee boat, F. S. Holmes '31, cox; J. E. Lawrence '31, stroke; H. W. Sturges '30, no. 7; Rodgers Donaldson '30, no. 6; J. V. Veeder '32, no. 5; T. E. Armstrong '32, no. 4; E. L. Millard '31, no. 3; C. F. Hovey '32, no. 2; L. G. Robinson '32, bow.

The University lightweights will not be rowing their first race for they have already opened their season in a race with the Kent crew during vacation. That duel ended in a dead heat. Their opponents Saturday have already tasted victory, for in the Navy-M. I. T.-Columbia regatta last Saturday they came out ahead by a goodly margin.

150 Pound Boats

The 150 lb. seating is as follows: Richard Kimball '31, cox; J. M. Byrne '31, stroke; Harper Woodward '31, no. 7; H. N. Roberts, no. 6; E. A. Locke, Jr. '32, no. 5; W. M. Rainbolt, Jr. ocC, no. 4; Alexander Lincoln, Jr. '32, no. 3; J. Q. Adams '31, no. 2; C. C. Perry '31, bow.

Coach Haines has had three eights working out daily on the Charles, the blue crew, stroked by J. R. Frothingham '33; the red crew, stroked by G. J. Cassedy '33; and the white crew, stroked by J. A. Luetkemeyer '33. Cassedy's will row against Tech on Saturday. It will be minus two men, Malcolm Bancroft '33 and A. D. Robertson '33, who have been rowing with it all year but who will be out of Saturday's race because of injuries sustained over two weeks ago.

The seatings are as follows:

H. H. Bissell, cox; G. J. Cassedy, stroke; Robert Saltonstall, Jr., no. 7; W. B. Bacon, no. 4; F. J. Swayze, no. 5; R. H. Hallowell, no. 4; A. L. Nickerson, Jr., no. 3; J. C. Rice, Jr., no. 2; W. H. Holcombe, bow.