Survey Shows Harvard Professors Perform Public Service of Many Kinds--Study City Planning and Traffic Research

In a recent survey carried on by the University News Office, data was gathered together concerning the extent of the services which various men and departments of the University are performing for the general welfare of the public at large.

Assistant Professor M. C. Whipple of the Engineering School, for example, has for many years served Cambridge by his-inspection of the city's water.

Several men are working on a building code for New England, while others are on the Cambridge Planning Board and on Mayor Curley's Committee on Metropolitan Reorganization in still another type of city service is Professor Miller McClintock, member of the Erskine Bureau for Street Traffic Research, who is constantly serving Boston and Cambridge, as well as offering his advice to countless other cities and towns throughout the country.

At the Law School there is a wide range of legal research being conducted by members of the Faculty. Dean Roscoe Pound Hon, '20 is a member of President Hoover's Law Enforcement Commission, while the school as a whole is conducting a survey of criminal records and crime in Grester Boston.

Combined with the work of the Medical School is that done jointly with the School of Public, Health in cooperation with the state authorities studies of industrial poisoning, manganese, carbon monoxide, lead, and radium poisoning have been carried on.


With the United States Bureau of Chemistry of the Department of Agriculture members of the Medical School staff have investigated the poisoning caused by lead and sine.