Is in Accord With the Passing of Junior Prom--Expect Revival of Class Functions Under House Plan

The age-old custom of holding a Sophomore Class Smoker will come to an end with the class of 1932 this Spring, it was learned last night. The decision was made by the officers of the Sophomore Class, and J. B. Ames '32, class secretary, is the authority for the information.

It was further learned, that the class officers had wished to let the passing of the Smoker go unnoticed by the members of the class on the grounds that "it would save trouble." It was the opinion of the officers, according to a usually reliable authority, that the Sophomores as a body would not notice the omission of the annual class function if it died unannounced.

Precedent for Move

Good precedent for the action of the class is to be found in the gradual relinquishing of class festivals in the last few years. Despite the protests of a noisy minority, the Junior Prom passed into the limbo of traditions that have been forced into the discard by the growth of the College. The abolishment of the Sophomore Smoker is but, the natural outcome of this same trend.

Supporters of the House Plan are of the opinion that a revival of such functions as proms, smokers, and dinners will come in the closely knit units that the Houses are expected to prove.