Members of 1933 are Chief Beneficiaries as Only Two Upperclassmen Appear on List of Awards

Announcement of scholarships awarded in the middle of the academic year, to 37 Freshmen and two Juniors, was made yesterday by A. E. Hindmarsh, assistant dean of Harvard College. The awards, which bring financial aid to the recipients for the second half of the present academic year, included 23 Bowditch scholarships of an average value of $250 each, two Crowinshield awards of $325 each, the N. P. Hallowell Memorial Scholarship of $525, the Mary L. Whitney award of $325, the Edwards Whitaker scholarship of $400, the Thomas Hall scholarships bringing a maximum aid of $450 each.

The recipient of the Edwards Whitaker Prize Scholarship, "awarded at mid-years to the Freshman who shows the most outstanding scholastic ability and intellectual promise as indicated by distinction in studies and general achievement," was Angus Ellis Taylor '33, of Pomona, California.

Bowditch scholarships were awarded to: M. C. Bradley Jr. '33, Leon Brooks '33, A. H. Daniels '33, R. H. Denison '33, J. L. Finan '33, F. G. Folger '33, L. J. Gillespie Jr. '33, J. C. Gowan '33, Henry Greenberg '33, A. M. Halpern '33, Samuel Horvitz '33, H. F. Kollmyer '33, Thomas McHugh '33, E. A. Macy '33, W. A. Munroe '33, G. M. Noss '33, H. L. Orentlicher '33, A. S. Pierce '33, A. H. Rosenthal '33, L. H. Saxe '31, Joseph Shack '33, Robert Shapiro '33, and S. J. Wener '33.

Other awards were made as follows: N. P. Hallowell Memorial Scholarship to F. C. Bell '33; Mary L. Whitney scholarship to N. B. DeNood '33; Edwards Whitaker scholarship to W. H. Schofield '33; Thomas Hall scholarship to Peter Shuebruk '33; Class of 1867 scholarship to A. E. Taylor '33; Crominshield scholarships to G. B. Walker '33 and A. J. Torrielli '33.

Those receiving awards from the Price Greenleaf fund are Albert Bronstein '33, M. J. Klainer '33, A. J. Marder '31, Nicholas Sano '33, E. B. Schoenbach '33, Morris Shapiro '33, Morton Shillman '33, Samuel Silverman '33, I. R. Wechaler '33.