Monday, May 5

9.15 to 1.15 o'clock: History, Government, Economics (General), New Lecture Hall; History and Literature (Final General Examination and Qualifying Examination, for Juniors, candidates for Honors), New Lecture Hall.

9.15 to 12.15 o'clock: English Literature, Memorial Hall; History of Philosophy and General Psychology, Emerson J; Latin Composition (Latin 3 and 7), Emerson J.

9.15 to 11.15 o'clock: Social Ethics (Allied Fields of Economics, Philosophy, and Psychology), Emerson J.

Tuesday, May 6


9.15 to 12.15 o'clock: History, Government, Economics (Departmental), Memorial Hall; German, French, Spanish, and Italian Literatures, Emerson D; Systematic Philosophy and Special Psychological Topics, Emerson D; Social Ethics (essay), Emerson D; Greek Composition (Greek 3 and 7), Emerson D; Anthropology (written), Peabody Museum.

Wednesday, May 7

9.15 to 12.15 o'clock: Social Ethics (topical), Emerson J; Special Philosophical Works, Emerson J; Literature, Ancient Authors (Honors), Emerson J; Greek Translation (Honors), Sever 25.

9.15 to 10.45 o'clock: Fine Arts (written, with slides), Small Fogg Lecture Room.

Thursday, May 8

9.15 to 12.15 o'clock: History, Government, Economics (Special), Memorial Hall; Latin Translation (Honors), Sever 25; Literature, Modern Authors (Honors), Sever 35; Geology (written), Sever 35; Bio-Chemical Sciences (written) Sever 35.

9 to 12 o'clock: Anthropology (oral), Peabody Museum.

2 to 4 o'clock: Anthropology (oral), Peabody Museum.

Friday, May 9

9.15 to 11.15 o'clock: Greek Literature, Sever 25.