2 o'clock: Semitic Languages and History, Semitic Museum 3.

Friday, May 16

2 to 5 o'clock: Music (Harmony and Counterpoint), Music Building.

Saturday, May 17

2 to 5 o'clock: Music (Fugue), Music Building.


Monday, May 19

2 to 5 o'clock: Music (Orchestration), Music Building.

Wednesday, May 21

2 to 5 o'clock: Music (History and Appreciation), Music Building.

The results of the General Examinations will be made known by the Departments and Divisions on approximately the following dates:

Ancient and Modern Languages, May 26, Anthropology, May 14: Bio-Chemical Sciences, May 26: Biology, May 23: Classics (Honors), May 27: Fine Arts, May 28: Geology, May 18: History, Government, and Economics, June 5: History and Literature, May 24: Literature, May 26: Music, May 26: Philosophy and Psychology, May 26: Semitie, May 19: Social Ethics, May 15.

Students concentrating in fields not listed above should make inquiries at the office of the Department concerned.

The cuts taken on the days of General Examinations by students who are taking those examinations are entered at the Office as excused, but no notice is sent to the instructor. If you have missed written work, or for any other reason wish to present an excuse to the instructor, please report at once at University 4 and obtain at the information Desk an excuse card to present to the instructor.

Students will not be excused from written work unless those rules are followed.